Mar 10, 2007

Thoughts On The Pup

Well, I know I said we had decided to wait until next month to find a dog, but we went downtown today and, not really planning on a dog at all, found ourselves with a puppy. She looks like a husky or a malamute or one of those varieties that originated from wolves...what in the world are they doing so close to the equator? Anyway, she looks like she's just barely old enough to have been separated from her mother...but just barely. Gray coat, blue eyes, black tail tipped with white, and a white streak down her nose. We haven't figured out a name for her yet, nor have I gotten any photos of her. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures to post of her, and hopefully a name to go with her.

I confess that I have not enjoyed any dogs of husky or malamute origins, though I have only known a few. My daughter had a young one just a few months ago that was as hard-headed as could be. She insisted on tearing things up and peeing all over the house, I think mostly to spite me. We did manage to kennel train her, though. I have always been the disciplinarian or the house when it comes to dogs. I'm the alpha female and the bad guy. Tai's pup wanted to be the boss, I think. Happily, Tai realized that she didn't have the time to devote to house training or even to enjoy the dog, so she gave her to another family. They love the dog, but she has destroyed their sofa, along with other household items.

I had a room mate once who also had a malamute. That dog ruled the house and the room mate, too. She had no authority with that dog. He did what he wanted, ruined what he wanted, and intimidated her whenever the mood struck him. He had a huge, heavy coat that she could not brush out because the dog did not allow it. The snapped and bit at her whenever she attempted to brush him. I detested that dog, but I think she had allowed the dog to run her for years, and by the time I met him, he was too old to re-train. She didn't believe in discipline. I DO. I am probably too strict, but I cannot tolerate dogs that don't respect (my) authority, don't listen, or that destroy things (furniture, shoes, carpets, etc.). I hope that this little husky dog doesn't have a destructive personality. The alpha wolf will come out in me if she does, and we will go the rounds. I really have no idea why I accepted this pup, considering my experiences with her breed.

I think, though, that I have enough time to exercise her, to spend with her, and to teach her what I expect from her that we will get on fine. She's sweet, and so young that she should be very impressionable. Our first task, of course, is to learn that in our home, we don't unload wherever and whenever the urge strikes us. It's a big step for a baby her age, and I know it will take time. We've started paper training for now, but in a couple of weeks, I hope she will begin to recognise that outside is where we really want to go. It's at times like this that I wish I had a backyard. We've a park nearby, and there's the medians in the streets, and I can always carry a bag and a scooper, but all of that is 2 floors down, so I may be running with her for a little while, until we establish a schedule.

Am I sounding too strict?

post script: I have been doing a little research online, and have figured out that the pup is more along the lines of a husky, rather than a malamute. Maybe that's better for us. There's no way of knowing if she has some other breed mixed in there somewhere, at least for the moment, but maybe after she grows and develops, she'll reveal more of who and what her background is.

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