Mar 29, 2007

some leisure time

I'm off work till Monday, now that the term has ended. Today, I went to the market to buy some meat and a newspaper, and pay some bills, and ended up with an armload of goodies. I bought some nice buttons for my tan sweater, tomatoes, cookies, a piece of chocolate (which I'd been craving for a couple of days now) and a DVD. I enjoy the market. I like being able to use Spanish well enough to buy what I want, and do a little bargaining to get a better price. There are places where the smell sometimes is enough to make me gag, but I love the colors and the people. I wanted to go to eat somewhere, but by the time I realized how hungry I was, I didn't have the money to buy a lunch at a restaurant. So, it was back home for me...dodging traffic, listening to the constant beeping of horns, and into the apartment to be greeted by screams from Celeste...yes, she's still screaming whenever things aren't exactly to her liking. *sigh*

Celeste is getting almost too big to sit on my lap comfortably now. Her wabi sabi floppy ear is now strong enough to be erect and match the other one. She's understanding that the papers are where she potties, although if I'm not watching her like a hawk, she will still make a mess anywhere the mood strikes her. At least, she does sleep through the night most nights. She's awake and screeching again at 5:45 am...just before the alarm clock goes off. So, not all bad, but an article on the internet says that Huskies are usually quiet dogs, dignified, and that they "talk"...kind of a soft "woo woo woooo". And they do howl very very, too. Okay. I'm okay with howling. Celeste does howl and it doesn't grate on my nerves or make me grit my teeth like screaming does. And I want to know where the soft "woo woo wooo" is. When do we get that instead of shrieking? Maybe the shrieking is baby talk? She's getting better and bigger, but I REALLY want the screaming to stop.

The sweater is coming along nicely. I'm working on the first sleeve, doing the raglan fully-fashioned decrease thing. This part goes pretty quickly, and I love it. I always poop out oon the second sleeve, about halfway through, so I have to make a concerted effort these next couple of days, if I want to have the sweater to wear for my next term at work. I've been thinking about doing a duplicate stitch on the back and the fronts, maybe some flowers or something...those pieces are pretty much blank canvases, and I have never done duplicate stitches before. I think it will be fun.

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Kary said...

I can releate to the screaming - I also have a parrot! ggg.
I loved the pit bulls - someday! My big boy won't allow for a sibling. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were no more homeless pups? Sigh ... someday!