Mar 11, 2007

more on the pup

She's got ticks and fleas. This is the first time I've ever WATCHED fleas crawl around on a dog. It makes my skin crawl, but even more, it makes me ANGRY. When I see these bugs, I become enraged. I feel like they've invaded not only my pet, but hitched a ride into the house. And she's got an infestation of ticks in her ears and on her face. There's about 5 of them. I have one woman who has told me just to take some tweezers and twist them off. I've also been told that you don't want to do that because leaving the heads inside increases the possibility of infection. I'm at a big HMMM right now.


OK, I'm back to edit. I followed Kris's instructions about "twist and pull", and removed all the ticks that I could find. The ticks came easily, legs waving and a bit of dog tissue along with each one. I examined each one, and I believe that the heads came along with the bodies. The little girl is now resting comfortably in her bed, snoring through her little traumas of having had her ears turned practically inside out while I carried out an assault mission on the ticks. There were six of them in all, one on her face and the rest in her ears.

It's interesting that my husband and my dog both deal with their stresses in the same way: by sleeping through the stress after the trauma has occurred. I hope they both can sleep as well tonight. That would mean that I could sleep, as well. And that would please me.

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