Mar 6, 2007

New picture

Ah! I am figuring out the photo thing. I went a little bit nuts with the dog photos, but that was fun and it makes for a more interesting post, when there's something more to see than just the written word. And, as you can see, I've put up a photo of Omar and me. My mom took this when she came to visit in 2005. We had taken her to Gamarra (the huge central market of Lima) and she was overwhelmed by the size of it. But not so overwhelmed that she couldn't take some pictures.

So, now I'm not such an enigma to the few that read here. Surprised?

Here's another photo of Omar, playing the guitar at a birthday party last year:

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'Zann said...

Hi Kathleen, I tried several times to leave a comment on your blog the other day, but it wouldn't show me the word verification in my other browser. I just happened to use a different browser and there it is. Now I can say that I appreciate your visits to my blog and I hope you will find a wonderful Peruvian dog friend soon! And i LOVE that purse!