Mar 22, 2012

Is it the weekend yet??

Whupped. So whupped. It was goat shearing day, and although I didn't shear any, I did trim some hooves and drag some fat gals to the barber shop. I imagine that I am in horrible shape, considering I haven't done that kind of work in several years and I am completely tired. I'm still working at the ranch. No new job opportunities have come my way. I'm now working 4 days a week and we just got an increase in salary, so I'm better now than I was, but there are still "those days", when this job just eats me alive. I guess I must be getting used to it, though, because "those days" are now fewer and farther between than before. It helps me that O is here. It helps that Porter is still with me and just as devoted to his job as always. It helps that Celeste can still close her eyes and pretend no one is around, or just get up and leave when someone has a tantrum. I've learned a lot from these three dear ones. So here I seem to be staying. I've re-learned that there are battles I will never win. I've learned to choose my battles and to walk away from those battles that are futile. Literally. My days at the ranch go so much better when I am able to walk away from a tantrum being thrown in the house. Someone I know needs to have his temper tantrums in front of someone, and really, I don't need to be the one that he's in front of. There. That's the end of my ranch commentary. I hope never to return to it...unless it is to say that I've found another job. But one last ranch note: some things that are said here at the ranch by the residents of the house I work in sometimes leave me speechless. Here's an example --> "The doctor said to keep my arms. He said it would help." Another one: "I think my hands are numb. Feel them. Do they feel numb to you?" So I may be including some quotes from the house of the Four Wise Men that I work in. I hope you get a laugh out of them, because I really do.