Jul 30, 2013

Project time

I have a little tiny bedroom that is not in use. It's the smallest room in the house, except of the bathroom, which is almost the same size. I'm planning to make this little room into my craft room and library. I have an old sofa that I love and am not ready to send off to the second hand store, so I think I'll put that in there to start. I need a book shelf or two, my spinning wheels, and fiber.

So, the above paragraph was from sometime this summer, but I have been so remiss in maintaining this blog that I can't remember when I wrote it. Anyhoo, I have gotten into the little project room. It has been pretty well set up, with the aforementioned sofa, a spinning wheel, a pattern book, and a coffee table. I have some projects in there, partially done, but nothing that has been waiting too awfully long. I know, I know, this post lacks photos. But guess what? Mr. O. has confiscated my camera, and carries it with him everywhere. No chance for a photo this time.

I have been doing a lot of projects. My last one was a shawl called, "Frankly Scarlet." Lemme see if I can dig up a shot of the way that is supposed to look. This photo is from the Ravelry website:
It's supposed to be done in scarlet yarn. No surprise there. But in typical "me" fashion, I did it in teal mohair yarn. I think I have enough to make matching fingerless gloves. I need to do a little light teal scarf pin for it, too. So far, I have about 25 projects done for my one and only craft show on the year.

Jan 23, 2013

Blue Curacao

Doris Chan is one of my favorite crochet designers. I have a couple of her pattern books and a few individual patterns, and she definitely knows what she's doing. This is one of my favorite shawls, Blue Curacao. I loved it from the moment I laid eyes on it, but always thought that it was way beyond my crochet capabilities...
...until this year. What changed my thoughts about what I could do, I don't know. But I have one of these shawls in progress. I finished the one I posted about last time, and I have another one of those in progress, too. Another thing I'm working on is shawl pins. Made from polymer clay and dowel pins, I'm at the baby-phase of this craft. I've made and thrown away more than I can count these days. Uuuufff. One day I'll get it right, people, one day. Hopefully sooner than later.