May 20, 2010

Heading Up North!

Today is our last full day in Lima. Tomorrow evening, we take flight out of Lima, heading for Denver by way of Miami and Chicago. I'm hoping for coolish weather in Miami, so Celeste can travel with us. That's why we're heading to Chicago - it's an earlier flight than the direct flight to Denver, and I know that if it's too hot or too cold at any point along the way, dogs can't travel.

Celeste is confused and worried. Her whole world was dismantled throughout the week and sent away to the house in Trujillo this morning. The only familiar thing left in the apartment is her own crate, and even that is probably too new for her to like just yet. Her old one was dismantled and sent to the trash, since it was made of wood and not up to airline standards. When the guys came this morning to pick up the furniture, she stood watching and following them around as the took things out and put them in a truck, checking with me once in a while to make sure it was okay for all this to happen.

I finally found a veteriarian who didn't try to swindle me, and Celeste now has all her paperwork, certified healthy and fit for travel and entry into the US. I know it will be a tough trip for her, having to be alone in the cargo hold through the entire journey. I looked for a dog toy for her that might make her feel a little better, but couldn't find a single squeaky toy anywhere. Maybe tomorrow I can find something fuzzy and soft in a pet shop in San Miguel.

I stopped working a week ago and my entire attitude has changed! Not that I hated my work - on the contrary, I enjoyed the work. But not having to pass through downtown every morning to see the drunks sleeping it off and the homeless begging for anything has made a huge difference for me. (A nice little severance package helped my attitude a bit, too!) I know I'm not cut out to live in a big city like Lima. So it's back to Cheyenne for me; O will be coming this time, but only for a month. Then he has to return till December, when his military commitment is up. He's got some options to consider and some things to compete, so he'll have about 6 months to get that stuff done.

So, the next time I update here will probably be from my sister's house in Colorado, where we'll be staying for a little bit, till I get the furniture put back in my house in Cheyenne.

Hasta la vista!

May 14, 2010

An Update on Kaiser!

Just a short update from Donna on Kaiser Remember him? He's the Husky dog in Central America who was suffering from a terrible skin malady...check him out now!

mayo de 2010
Godspeed, Kaiser!

If all goes according to plan (and we're always ready for a "detour" here), Kaiser will be winging it to Winnipeg, Manitoba, in cool Canada. He's scheduled for a Tuesday morning flight (May 18) that will lead to a wonderful, caring beautiful couple. His first home there will be with Dr. Chris and Marny Hohl. THey seem to have a line-up of frriends who would like to adopt our Kaiser. But once the Hohls meet him.....well....there may be a different ending to this story,,,,,.

For those of us who watched Kaiser suffer through an unnamed disease for many months, this is the best news of the year. When he was finally diagnosed with scarcoptic mamge, we then were able to treat him successfully. Thanks to the vets at Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine for helping with the diagnosis.

For newcomers to the Kaiser story, I will again post his foto in his "bad days" when we first rescued him from an uncaring owner and brought him to Casa Lupita. Dr. Jasson Figueroa took over his medical care, and he had the loving attention of many of us, most of all Lucy Bartlett and Diane M. who cared for him in their homes.

The foto below was taken just days ago when Dr. Jasson and I took Kaiser to the vet for his health check and vaccinations.

Kaiser's two flights on Tuesday will cost a bundle. He must travel in a large kennel on a Continental cargo flight as well as a Westjet flight from Toronto to Winnipeg. We are, we are BEGGING!...for donations to help defray the high cost of getting Kaiser to Canada. We are estimating a a bill of at least $1,000 dollars for the combined flights. If you can help with any amount, please send to Building New Hope through PayPal or by check. We do need your help.

Thanks to all who had a part in helping Kaiser to recover. Thanks for being part of the massive effort to send him off to a new, wonderful life. And thanks to the many Kaiser fans who kept in touch from afar, asking about him and wishing him a speedy recovery. You got your wish!