Jun 24, 2010

Life goes on

Thank you all for leaving me such wonderful comments! It's hot here now and I'm feeling it. O went back to Lima last week, and I spent a couple of days bummed out, went to the shelter and found a buddy. His name is now Porter and I've taken a few pictures of him, but of course I'm posting from the local library and, as fabulous as it is, I can't put up my own photos from here. So I'll just snap away and save them up till I can show them off.

My other news is that I have found a job in Colorado, about 45 miles from where I live in Cheyenne. It's on the Triangle Cross Ranch, which is not really a ranch, but a farm where mentally challenged people live in a supervised environment. It will be a new challenge for me, and hopefully I'll be up to it. Porter can come too, and spend the days that I'm there with me and the residents, as long as he behaves himself. I really hope that works out, but if he takes time to adjust, then there's a dog run he can stay in.

Gotta go - that's all the time I have in this session. More in a couple of days!

Jun 16, 2010

Hello from Colorado/Wyoming!

Well, here we are. My house is almost ready to live in upstairs, but the bathroom and my bedroom are still neediing a bit more work. So we're in the basement when we stay there, and in my sister's house in Colorado when we're not. My internet time is pretty limited till July, since I haven't gotten a computer nor computer service. Nor telephone, except a throw away cell phone (and I thought that was just tv cop show fiction!), nor TV. So it's pretty boring around my house.

Celeste didn't get to come, either. It was going to be too hot sometime during the day in Miami, so we were stopped at the ticket counter and had to give Celeste to some friends that came to the airport with us. She's on vacation till O gets back to Lima, which will be on Monday...SOB!!!! I'm so glad to be back home now, but to have him go back just breaks my heart. At least Celeste will have him there with her.

I've been thinking about being by myself here and already have been taking a few turns around the local dog pound, searching for a dog for me and potential pal for Celeste. She's supposed to be coming back with O next year. I found a little dancing cutie - I think she must be something like a miniture Pinscher - but she stands on her hind legs and dances. And then barks her little brains out. Hmmm. Also visited with a schnauzer mix who is about the same size as Celeste. He is only about a year old and very friendly. He's got a bristly schnauzer mustache going on, and some bristly guard hair on his coat that pokes straight out from his body. And a beautiful border collie - one-eyed, but really a nice dog. I guess I'll see who's still available on Friday, after O gets on the plane back to Peru. I'll be bawling then and in need of some friendly distraction - I think a dog will be just the friend I need.