Jun 24, 2010

Life goes on

Thank you all for leaving me such wonderful comments! It's hot here now and I'm feeling it. O went back to Lima last week, and I spent a couple of days bummed out, went to the shelter and found a buddy. His name is now Porter and I've taken a few pictures of him, but of course I'm posting from the local library and, as fabulous as it is, I can't put up my own photos from here. So I'll just snap away and save them up till I can show them off.

My other news is that I have found a job in Colorado, about 45 miles from where I live in Cheyenne. It's on the Triangle Cross Ranch, which is not really a ranch, but a farm where mentally challenged people live in a supervised environment. It will be a new challenge for me, and hopefully I'll be up to it. Porter can come too, and spend the days that I'm there with me and the residents, as long as he behaves himself. I really hope that works out, but if he takes time to adjust, then there's a dog run he can stay in.

Gotta go - that's all the time I have in this session. More in a couple of days!


wildtomato said...

Welcome home! Great news about the new woofer - can't wait for pictures. Sorry about Celeste, but at least O will have his buddy with him.

Pondside said...

Hi Kat - so glad you posted as I've been wondering how things have been going. It's good to read that you have a canine buddy - and that you have a job! I remember reading about the ranch last year and thinking that it looked like a wonderful place. Best of luck to you and Porter on your first days on the job!

knittingdragonflies said...

That's wonderful and new buddy and job too. It sounds exciting. I can't imagine how hard it is to be without O. But you are so strong, just think of everything you have gone through.
Can't wait to see photo!

Iron Needles said...

Congrats on the new pup and the new job.

If you want to meet up sometime, let me know.

Rani said...

I'm so excited for you! I know how much you will miss Celeste, but Mr. Porter will be a nice distraction. The job sounds perfect. Porter is in for a wonderful new life. And the new job sounds like it will be challenging but rewarding. I'm happy for you!!!