Apr 30, 2011

Yip Yip Yip Yow!

Not only are they playing together and behaving well together, but they are singing together as well...right in the middle of the living room at work!

Apr 25, 2011

Spud Project

See that cute little sheep? He's driving me crazy. His name is Spud, and he has hundreds of little twisted, hand-knit dredlocks on his pudge. I started him a month or more ago and I am almost finished with his frustrating, time-consuming little behind. Still to go is his head, legs, ears, and tail.

As hard as it is to stay with this project, I think it will turn out to be a great baby toy. I'm planning to make his friend, Chloe, too. I think she might prove to be a faster moving project...at least I'm hoping so.

Apr 16, 2011

Whatta pair

I can't believe I am looking at Celeste and Porter actually playing together. He adores her and wants to play. She tolerates him and distains his company. She adopted a queenly, queenly attitude, became very snotty, and Porter did what any self-respecting all-American Joe would have done: he peed on her. Her queenly attitude remained intact, but her crown is askew and a little soggy.

The country life isn't really making much of an impression on Celeste. Her major thing is that Porter is running free and taunting her to play, and she doesn't know how to respond to him without loosing her prima donna coolness. And...she doesn't know how to run. Life on a leash and inside didn't teach her to run and play like the dog she is. She's clumbsy and gangly-looking when she gallumphs around the backyard, with a short, plump Porter literally running circles around her. She was delighted, though, by the little snowstorm that shot through here earlier in the week.

A husky finally in her element.

Apr 11, 2011

And now, back in Wyoming

We're back in Wyoming. Celeste had been staying with people who didn't want to be the "bad guys", so her behavior is a lot like it was when she was about 6 months old - peeing on the floor, screaming like she's being skinned alive when she doesn't get her way, and being generally obnoxious. We have our work cut out for us. reality is setting in for her, though, as she finds herself in her crate when we go out, because she isn't reliable to leave loose in the house anymore. What a pity that all that training went down the drain. At the moment, she's not welcome in anyone else's home because of her street dog attitude and because she feels totally free to pee in the house, anywhere she pleases. I'm hoping that with a little time, Celeste will make a return to being a mannerly girl. She was once a reliable, charming dog that everyone admired and enjoyed being with. I say this just after I clean up her crate mess. It wasn't so terrible that I lost all enthusiasm for having her with us, and I think she will come around.

Porter, however, has been collecting admirers from here to Texas and back. He's not a striking beauty like Celeste is, but he's an outstanding boy. He's a good watch dog, a good friend, and behaves well in just about every situation. He does best when he knows he is someone's personal best friend. And right now, he's my personal best friend. And he's so insecure that he might lose his spot in the house that he slept on my stomach last night. He normally doesn't do that. O thinks it could be that HE is the threat to Porter. I'm not sure, but today, Porter made great strides in showing his trust in O by jumping up on the bed beside him.

It snowed yesterday, and it was O's first experience in a snow storm. He thought he had come late enough in the year that the cold would be over, but - heh - he was wrong. It snowed through the day and put a damper on our plans, so we just stayed home.

And, I have been busy spinning and knitting a bit. I finished a knitted teddy bear for my coming grandson, have a Spud sheep in progress, and have been spinning on my big supported Rose spindle. I have 4 ounces of wensleydale fiber to spin up. All on my camera, ready to post! But, since my camera ONCE AGAIN has a dead battery, I'll have to post this picture instead:

(My daughter and her husband at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston. Taken by O on his camera, which does have good batteries)

Apr 7, 2011

In Texas

I'm in Houston right now, visiting my family and picking up Celeste and O. Everyone is here and Celeste has made her impact on the household. She apparently has learned a lot from the street dogs of Lima, trying to take over the house and kick butts. Porter did not engage her, but did not yield to her demands for his spot on the bed. She had to be satisfied with sleeping on the floor. Such subtle resistance may lead to the dethroning of this self-proclaimed princess.

You know, the best thing about this trip, aside from picking up O, has been seeing my daughter so happy with her new husband. If we do nothing at all here, it doesn't matter. Just knowing that they are happy together has made it all worth while for me.

And now my little rant:
Apparently there are those that would like to see them unhappy or fail in their marriage - and they are family members who wish this, which is completely unfathomable for me. I'd like to see them able to further move away from such toxic people, but that is their decision. The only thing I can do is to support them in any way I can, which I will do to my utmost.

I hope those people are reading this right now. This young marriage is not about the jerks who are trying to meddle in it. There are only two people who have anything to say about it, and nobody else. Not the cousins, not old girlfriends, not anybody else. I want to tell them to butt out, but I know that people who piddle around in other people's business don't really have a life of their own that's worth a damn. Nothing else to do, I guess, so they fill their time by trying to make others as miserable as they are. Someone left an ugly comment here regarding them earlier, which I chose not to publish. And, typical of people of this caliber, they were too gutless to identify themselves. They are completely pathetic and too disgusting to take up any more of my time.

Ok, I've stated my opinion and I'm done with that. People who meddle in other people's personal business - especially family members, which is totally dispicable - are not worth the time it took to write up my rant.