Apr 11, 2011

And now, back in Wyoming

We're back in Wyoming. Celeste had been staying with people who didn't want to be the "bad guys", so her behavior is a lot like it was when she was about 6 months old - peeing on the floor, screaming like she's being skinned alive when she doesn't get her way, and being generally obnoxious. We have our work cut out for us. reality is setting in for her, though, as she finds herself in her crate when we go out, because she isn't reliable to leave loose in the house anymore. What a pity that all that training went down the drain. At the moment, she's not welcome in anyone else's home because of her street dog attitude and because she feels totally free to pee in the house, anywhere she pleases. I'm hoping that with a little time, Celeste will make a return to being a mannerly girl. She was once a reliable, charming dog that everyone admired and enjoyed being with. I say this just after I clean up her crate mess. It wasn't so terrible that I lost all enthusiasm for having her with us, and I think she will come around.

Porter, however, has been collecting admirers from here to Texas and back. He's not a striking beauty like Celeste is, but he's an outstanding boy. He's a good watch dog, a good friend, and behaves well in just about every situation. He does best when he knows he is someone's personal best friend. And right now, he's my personal best friend. And he's so insecure that he might lose his spot in the house that he slept on my stomach last night. He normally doesn't do that. O thinks it could be that HE is the threat to Porter. I'm not sure, but today, Porter made great strides in showing his trust in O by jumping up on the bed beside him.

It snowed yesterday, and it was O's first experience in a snow storm. He thought he had come late enough in the year that the cold would be over, but - heh - he was wrong. It snowed through the day and put a damper on our plans, so we just stayed home.

And, I have been busy spinning and knitting a bit. I finished a knitted teddy bear for my coming grandson, have a Spud sheep in progress, and have been spinning on my big supported Rose spindle. I have 4 ounces of wensleydale fiber to spin up. All on my camera, ready to post! But, since my camera ONCE AGAIN has a dead battery, I'll have to post this picture instead:

(My daughter and her husband at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston. Taken by O on his camera, which does have good batteries)


Pondside said...

You'll have your work cut out for you with Celeste!....but she will look at Porter's freedom and change - she's a smart girl.

wildtomato said...

Oh, Celeste, everything is OK! Poor girl sounds like she's really unsettled. Poor you for having to deal with an adult dog acting like an insolent puppy! I hope she settles into the good dog you once knew very, very soon.

Margaret Cloud said...

You know she was not with you for a long time and she is paying you back as only she knows how. Have patience with her, I remember how nice she was when you lived in Peru, please do not give her away. Have a nice Easter.

Kathleen said...

Margaret, I wasn't thinking of giving Celeste away, just voicing my disappointment in her current behavior. She's already changed the behavior somewhat, and she is only 2 week in the US!

I'm confident that she will come around and be the dog I know she can be. We need to find other dogs and their owners who are willing to help us create new and positive experiences for Celeste. Porter is already doing his best to be her firend and make her feel more at home.

knittingdragonflies said...

I know Celeste will return to her angelic self. *giggle* they will get away with what ever they can.
Photo of the newlyweds is charming!

Rani said...

stick with it!! Consistent and repetition. I think dogs prefer it. She just needs to have some time to adjust. She'll come back to you. I just know it!