Apr 7, 2011

In Texas

I'm in Houston right now, visiting my family and picking up Celeste and O. Everyone is here and Celeste has made her impact on the household. She apparently has learned a lot from the street dogs of Lima, trying to take over the house and kick butts. Porter did not engage her, but did not yield to her demands for his spot on the bed. She had to be satisfied with sleeping on the floor. Such subtle resistance may lead to the dethroning of this self-proclaimed princess.

You know, the best thing about this trip, aside from picking up O, has been seeing my daughter so happy with her new husband. If we do nothing at all here, it doesn't matter. Just knowing that they are happy together has made it all worth while for me.

And now my little rant:
Apparently there are those that would like to see them unhappy or fail in their marriage - and they are family members who wish this, which is completely unfathomable for me. I'd like to see them able to further move away from such toxic people, but that is their decision. The only thing I can do is to support them in any way I can, which I will do to my utmost.

I hope those people are reading this right now. This young marriage is not about the jerks who are trying to meddle in it. There are only two people who have anything to say about it, and nobody else. Not the cousins, not old girlfriends, not anybody else. I want to tell them to butt out, but I know that people who piddle around in other people's business don't really have a life of their own that's worth a damn. Nothing else to do, I guess, so they fill their time by trying to make others as miserable as they are. Someone left an ugly comment here regarding them earlier, which I chose not to publish. And, typical of people of this caliber, they were too gutless to identify themselves. They are completely pathetic and too disgusting to take up any more of my time.

Ok, I've stated my opinion and I'm done with that. People who meddle in other people's personal business - especially family members, which is totally dispicable - are not worth the time it took to write up my rant.


Michelle said...

Oh, I am so happy that you have all your family members on one continent! O is here now permanently, right? I do hope Celeste and Porter continue to work things out amicably. And long live your daughter's marriage!!!

wildtomato said...

How full your heart must be right now! And as for the haters who want to rain on your parade, you tell 'em! You're way too classy to let them piddle on you.

Pondside said...

I was, just yesterday, wondering what had happened to you. So glad to hear that you have your O and Celeste with you and that your daughter is happy. There will always be meddlers and schemers, and I hope that the newlyweds will learn to turn off and turn away from those who aren't good for their marriage.

Wooly Works said...

Hooray for happiness, wherever it is found! Real happiness is a rare commodity and I'm so glad that they are finding it in each other.

T has had enough of a family member peeing on her snow cone to last a lifetime. I hope they get away from that crowd as soon as possible.

knittingdragonflies said...

Yay! Your family is back together!! I'm so glad for you!
Well wishes to your daughter and her husband. I think those that want things to fail are very unhappy.

Rani said...

Just catching up on your blog. I just bought my first O (Oprah) magazine and in it is an article about people stealing your moods - wreaking havoc on your life by little comments and how to deal with those people. It's worth a look.

You are a wonderful mother - standing by your daughter and defending her happiness and letting her live her life. What a shame to have to put up with darkness like that!! Grrrrr. You are surrounding your daughter with light and support.

OK. I'm off to read the rest - I CAN. NOT. believe O and Celeste are home!!!!!