Mar 30, 2007

The Return of Ms. Violet

After a rough week and a half of puppy sitting, Ms. Violet did the unthinkable - she took a leave of absence. We hunted high and low for her, but there was no sign of her. We thought of the possibility that she might have stowed away in a garbage bag, hoping to hitch a ride on a trash truck to brighter horizons. We thought that perhaps Celeste had buried her in her bed, but a thorough search of the old pair of jeans revealed no trace of said missing purple puptoy. She was no where to be found. We mourned her, we missed her, we shrieked for her, we begged her to come back in the middle of the night.

Finally, Ms. Violet relented and showed her nose from under the laundry cart. Overjoyed, Celeste leapt upon the lavender lady, slinging her about like a rag doll and emitting screams of delight. Ms. Violet did her fair share of joyful squeaking, too. Little did she realize that Celeste had almost doubled in size, and was now much bigger than Ms. Violet. From now on, I imagine that Celeste and Ms. Violet will be fast friends.

No more unannounced vacations, please!


LisaCatherine said...

As Samson lays behind my wheelchair as I read your blog, I thought of Pinky the stuffed kitty he drags around with him... Life isn't the same without their little toys. I'm so very happy Ms. Violet returned to the nest.
Celest is getting huge !! Time flies doesn't it. How cool you can use her fur in projects, I love that !! done babbling now, lol. Hugs Lisa Catherine

PipeTobacco said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. It was very kind and considerate of you. I will be coming back to visit your site as well.


Kary said...

YAY ... how delightful that Ms. Violet returned. Nothing better than seeing and feeling a dog's JOY! hugs!