Mar 7, 2007

*sigh*...maybe next month...

I've decided it will be better if I wait until next month to get a dog. This month is just too difficult for Omar. He's stressing over money and didn't tell me until yesterday. Next month I'll hopefully have gotten my tax money and we'll have a little breathing room. I was planning on taking a correspondence course from Susun Weed, but have decided that there are problems that require a little money to resolve them before I do something so expensive and so completely indulgent for myself. The dog will be indulgence enough, and not nearly so expensive.

In April, Omar will begin working at a different hospital and his classes will run from 5 pm to 10:30 pm. I'll be mostly alone for the day, except when I teach my class, from 4:15 to 5:45, plus a 20 minute walk each way. Kinda lonely, so that's the reason I want a puppy so much. My Sunny is such good company for me...I MISS HIM! But I know that he's doing a good job of keeping my daughter and her dog company in Cheyenne, for now. Another dog will be good company, too, even if it's not a Basset, even if it's not Sunny.

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Kary said...

Good luck with your dog search - it will be worth the wait! :)