Mar 15, 2007

it's all about Celeste these days

Here's Ms. Violet Fuzzbutt, drying after her bath. Way up there in the air, hanging by her ear, waiting for the breeze to dry her out. Ms. Violet got so wild that she accidentally fell into the newspaper potty sometime yesterday...and this morning couldn't stand herself any longer. She needed a bath in the worst way.

And here's Ms. Celeste, looking for her buddy. She spies her balancing up there on a coat hanger, but wonders about hanging by an ear. Doesn't she worry that one ear will stretch longer than the other?

1 comment:

Kary said...

Hi Kathleen ... aw ... what a great photo of Celeste looking at her toy. So CUTE!
Sure - I can ship to Peru ... Paypal does the USD thing too. WhEEEEE! Hugs!