Mar 7, 2007

Buttons and The (ggrrrrr) red drop stitch vest

I've ripped out the last piece of the vest, the right front panel, 4 times! It seems like it's always like that! I buzz right along until the last piece, and then I start to have troubles, make mistakes, have doubts about how it will turn out. What is UP with that? Most recently, I was over half way through that piece, when I discovered that I had lost a stitch somewhere. I looked back through it and found that I'd done the second button hole wrong and in the process of messing that up, lost a stitch. So I ripped back about 7 inches of knitting and re-did the button hole. Now I have the button hole made again and it should go quickly again. I have my fingers crossed!

I'm still pondering the edging. And I've found some lovely gold buttons in my stash that would go very nicely with it, but I haven't decided yet. This is a prototype, and if it turns out well, I could make a similar one with alpaca yarn, and then I would want those gold buttons.

I wonder about buttons. I love them. I have planned entire sweaters around the buttons that I chose, and I think they should be a very obvious and decorative part of the garment. But when I entered a sweater in the county fair, I was told that my choice of big, beautiful gold buttons on my dark blue sweater was rather unfortunate and detracted from the sweater rather than added to it. So, hmmm...I took the same sweater with its unfortunate gold buttons to a show and it sold immediately. Someone else enjoyed the gold buttons as much as I did, apparently.

So I'm confused about buttons. Should they be decorative and beautiful? Or are they strictly a functional necessity that should blend in with the sweater, not to be noticed? My husband prefers unobtrusive buttons that go unnoticed and that's good for him, since I can't find any fun buttons here in Lima, so far. I think I may have to break down and order some more cool ones from the Walmart website or something. The shipping is outrageous, but I gotta have beautiful buttons.

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