Mar 15, 2007

life goes on

"Whirlwind Celeste" --->

I'm sitting here with Celeste in my lap this morning. Last night was the first night she slept all the way through without a sound. She awoke at 5:45 this morning after Omar was up and moving around. She greeted the day with her usual high-pitched scream; I can't figure out if that is a demand to have attention or if she's just so thrilled to be alive that she screams for joy (tongue in cheek, there). I'd much rather heard a richer, more melodious tune, but with her at her age, I'm just glad to be getting a full night's sleep.

Today there are mid-term exams at the institute. My students were quite confident last week, so confident in fact, that they neglected to do their homework assignments most of the time. The last couple of days they sat bored in their chairs, not wanting to participate, not responding to anything really...but yesterday, thinking of the mid-term, they were nervous and wanted to review everything in an hour. Interesting how someone can go from being so intelligent and confident that they know I couldn't possibly have material of value to teach, to being so nervous that they can't remember just how terribly intelligent they were just the day before. They aren't kids...they are high school graduates at least, and preparing to go to college. I wonder if they know that I REALLY want them to do well today.

I am in a dishcloth exchange and haven't started a single stitch on the dishcloth that I'm sending to Maitri! Argh! I have decided what pattern I'm using; I simply haven't made a move on it yet. This evening, I have to get to it. It won't take long, but I'm mailing it to the US, and THAT will be what takes the most time. I need to get a move on with that!

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Kat said...

Oh, she is a beautiful puppy!! She looks so soft!