Mar 23, 2007

another day in the neighborhood

Yesterday, I got a bit accomplished...extra study material for my students, Celeste went to the vet to take care of that "kennel cough" thing that she's been doing for a couple of days, copy of my passport to the security office at the Institute, laundry done, and went to a class for new instructors at the Institute. My students have two exams next week, Monday and Tuesday, and then that's the end of the cycle. Then I get to see what class or classes I can teach in April.

The classes here are intensive to say the least. We cover one book a month, and it's not a small book, when we're talking about learning a new language. It's intensive English, and I'm teaching book 28 in a course of 30 books total. They leave my class far from fluent, but they have a good base to build upon. I'm hoping that the next class I get will have a better basis to learn on. This one seemed to come to me after sliding through with other teachers that didn't demand that the students participate and pronounce their words correctly, or do their homework. Sometimes it's frustrating, but I really want them to do well. I know that my accent is difficult for them to understand because I am the only native English speaker in the entire Institute, and they are not used to listening to my very round "O'' or an "A" that sounds like a flat tire. All the other instructors are Peruvian and their pronunciation of the words is usually not that different than that of the students. Most do not have that great a grip on the language.

Ok, I'm off to the cleaners to pick up my bedspread. We took it there earlier this week, because it reeked so much of Celeste that the whole room stunk of puppy feet and whatever they had run through. Uuufff...and I have more laundry to do.

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