Mar 19, 2007

dogs and doilies

Well, what a weekend it has been. Celeste is doing okay...wonderfully, in fact. After she got her shots and a mouthfull of de-wormer, I thought she might be having a reaction to the parvo vaccine...depressed, not much appetite, watery poop, and altogether just blah. So we kept an eye on her and later Saturday night, she passed a PILE of worms. Now she's got a much bigger appetite (big enough to eat real dogfood and like it), bouncing around the house, sleeping better, and more solid poo. And just basically more obnoxious than she's ever been before.

In Cheyenne, Lisa's litle dog passed away due to contaminated dog food. It was an excruciating time for us, as she documented in e-mail her pain and the dog's pain as kidney failure overtook him, and had no idea why he was dying at 5 years of age. She finally couldn't take watching him in pain and had him put to sleep. She's just discovered what happened, by watching CNN last night, when they broadcast information on the dogfood recall by Menu Foods Income Fund.

People, be aware of what food you are feeding your pets! These contaminated foods were manufactured LAST YEAR, and they are just now being removed from the shelves.

On the knitting front, I have finished Maitri's dishcloth and will be sending it off tomorrow, as soon as I find an envelope to mail it in and a post office to send it from. Hot pink crochet! It's not really that great of a dishcloth...maybe she can use it as a big doily or something...

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Kary said...

Hi Kathleen. YAY that Celeste is feeling better - how sad that someone lost their dog to contaminated food. Gentle hugs!
"Lovers in the Garden" could be shipped - Airmail, Letter-post for $11.50 usd. Hugs & 'scratches'!