Mar 4, 2007

I Want A Dog

I love my dog. Un-fortunately, he is in the United States. I've tried to bring him with me twice, but both times the weather has been too cold in Denver and he was denied entrance into the checked baggage area. I want a dog to be with me here. I spend the whole day alone, except for a couple of hours that I have a class, and I mostly go stir-crazy.

I've finally gotten over the feeling that I'll be cheating on Sunny if I get another dog. If Sunny can't seem to make it here the next time I travel, when I go back to the US to stay, the buddy that I get here will go with me. I'd really love to find another Basset Hound, but I think that will be next to impossible. We went to visit Omar's Aunt Lilia last evening, and she tried to talk me out of a dog. She thinks they are too dirty and that turtles are better company. That may be because her daughter, Carmen, got a puppy for her kids, and they were too busy for it. The puppy spent most of its time locked in the laundry room, tearing things up and screaming. The poor pup was so lonely and isolated that whenever he saw someone, he got so excited that it peed all over the floor. And they never house trained him, so there was a constant mess. Poor baby. Eventually they got rid of him and now have 3 turtles. Turtles? How could anyone trade a warm, expressive pup for a reptile? No matter how many turtles you have, they'll never run to meet you at the door, roll on the floor with you, cry with you when you're sad, keep you company when you're lonely, warm you up when you're cold, or go with you when you're scared.

I'm not really picky about what kind of dog comes to live with me, but I prefer a dog with a pleasant voice...a deep, rich voice. And I don't want a hairless dog. That doesn't seem too cuddly to me. Just a regular mutt would be great; it doesn't have to be a purebred dog. Just a warm, happy dog. There's something comforting about the smell of a dog.

Puppy, I need you!

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Kary said...

oh - doggies are wondeful!! You *know* how much I love them - all! Keep us up to date on your search! Good luck & hugs!