Mar 12, 2007


Here she is. Her name is Celeste, named for her blue eyes. She's still in that all night screaming and screeching mode, and screams whenever she's not in my lap. I hate that. I appreciate that she's little and needs company, but I have to sleep, too, and have more to do than sit with her in my lap. The worst is that she's not past that stage of pooping whenever and wherever the urge strikes her, so she can't be loose in the house without direct supervision. I can't wait till she's a little bigger. She's screaming as I type this. Uuuufff...I know it's like this these first days, but I wish I had a back yard or garage for her to scream in, instead of my laundry room. I'm VERY aware of her needs, but I'm also aware that I have to continue with life and let her adapt to things here, in spite of how much she tries to make change things to suit her. Babies are so self absorbed.

*sigh* We'll get through this.

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Rani said...

Oh, Kathleen! The pup is beautiful!!!