Mar 3, 2007

red drop stitch vest

I started a vest the other day; I think I mentioned it before in passing. Anyway, I am nearly finished with the back of it, and I really like the way it is working up! I started with a rolled edge at the bottom, and then ribbing, then went from there with the drop stitch every 6th row. I'm getting excited about the way it is turning out...can't wait to finish it and see the end product!

After I get the front 2 pieces finished, I will add a little rolled collar similar to the bottom edge of the piece. Finishing the edge of the sleeves will be the challenge. There is so much space in the drop stitch, ad it is LOOSE space. I'm not sure how I will handle that...I may just leave it as it is...I also want to finish the edges in the front for buttons, but I don't know if that will be possible, either. I have time to think about it, since I don't have the fronts even started, but just the planning and thinking about the project coming together is exciting and intriguing.

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