Mar 26, 2007

The Fuzz Of Celeste

One of the reasons that I have Celeste just occurred to me! Huskies "blow" their coats a couple of times a year, according to an internet source. So a couple of times a year, I'll have a FIBER ANIMAL! I need to read up on spinning dog hair, but Huskies are supposed to lose copious amounts of fuzz during the spring. Celeste is beginning to develop her coat now. The guard hairs are growing and turning black, where before she was mostly gray fuzz. The fuzz is still there, and we're heading into fall. We've been practicing being brushed, only with a lady's hair brush, but it's to get her used to being groomed. I won't have her getting matted and ending having to be shaved to set the coat right. Think of all that lovely FUZZ that could be lost, if she's allowed to become matted and messy. Think of how miserable she would be, too, with all that hair filled with sticks and dirt, not to mention probably a flea colony and some ticks again.

Speaking of fleas, I ordered some essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs earlier last week. I hope they can be sent directly to the house quickly and without ending up in customs, which is an hour away from here in Los Olivos, and is a huge pile of red tape and time consuming procedures. I got the essential oils to chase away the fleas and make the house comfy. I love essential oils, although I don't use that much of them. A little goes a long way, once their use has been established.

Okay, I'm back editing:

This is a link to read about spinning dog hair on a drop spindle. I could do this! I wonder if Celeste would sit close by and let me gather her shedding coat as I spin...

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