Mar 25, 2007

out of the funk with cool buttons

Whew...this weekend of solitude (except for being with Celeste) has done me good. I actually took a nap this afternoon, which is something that I NEVER do. The house is much better, and I took myself out to the market this morning to buy some fresh yarn. I'll be glad when Celeste is a little older and can go with me on walks and trips to the market. She'll be good company after she's out of that obnoxious puppy mentality. It's only cute for so long, and then it gets tiresome. I miss my little man, Sunny.

But...I've cooked, cleaned, and knitted this weekend, and watched 3 movies. My tan sweater is progressing nicely, in spite of the fact that I ripped out about 4 inches of stockinette for no good reason. I'd be done with that front side if I hadn't momentarily lost my mind and started ripping. I've re-knitted that and have promised that I will not unnecessarily rip back anymore. Okay, okay, I know that's the picture of the back piece of the sweater, but I haven't taken another photo of the progressing sweater. I'll take another one before I sew it together. I need some buttons for this sweater, and have some in mind that I saw in the market. Oh, and WOO HOO! I found a little store that has COOL BUTTONS! They do have those plain blah buttons that most people here use, but they also have some really nice vintage-looking buttons, too. I bought some pink yarn from that store and found some COOL BUTTONS to go with it.

My attitude is renewed and happy again, and I can face the world again. I've gotten over my feelings of being invaded in my own home. Life is back to normal again, just in time to get things ready for the book quiz and the final exam at the institute this week.

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