May 20, 2007

Sunday noon...

It's almost noon, and the sun is finally out. Yeay! Celeste and I are going walking for a little while...Omar was on call all night and just came back fom the hospital. He's crashed out, so I think we will go outside and let him sleep. Celeste is all full of bark this morning and who can sleep with a dog yelling all the time?

I was almost finished with Maggie's second hat when I discovered that the llama on the front was off-center. So I ripped it out past where the llama started and began again with a different pattern. I've knitted half of it again this morning. Pictures when we return from walking.

I also finished the half-ripe tomato red capelet and before I got a photo of that, we remembered that it was Rocio's (Omar's half-sister) birthday. So he aske dme if we couldn't give her the capelet for her birthday. Okay, sure, it turned out a little differently than I had hoped, anyway, so I think while we're out, I'll see if I can find some more of that color, or something else that I like and make another one.

More after the walk!

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LisaCatherine said...

Did you take your walk ?? Hope your day is going well !! HUGS Lisa Catherine