May 21, 2007

Hmmm...Celeste and I went out for our walk yesterday. When we came back, we discovered that our car had been broken into and the radio and the electric window control things on the front doors had been taken. The head rests were gone. The battery cable had been cut so the alarm wouldn't keep screaming and alert the neighbors. The radio was gone. The apartment building guard caught the guy in the act, but couldn't detain him. He took back one of the headrests and the air conditioning control panel.

All that actually doesn't amount to that much...we still have wheel and tires, the radiator and engine parts are still there, Omar's bank ATM card wasn't touched, the car still runs, if the battery cable is held together to get it started (which we did in order to move it to a safe place). It could have been MUCH worse. The thing is that being robbed leaves us with a feeling of being violated. And it pisses me off to no end that someone thinks that getting a job is too difficult, so they're just going to cruise the streets and take what someone else has worked for. The police here do nothing about robberies, unless it is a very large amount of identifiable property that has been stolen, or if a government agency is involved.

Omar spent the afternoon in crisis. He felt guilty for leaving the car in a vulnerable place; he remembered when he was beaten and robbed at gun point two years ago. He thought about how it was when the taxi driver rear-ended us last year, demolishing the taxi and causing significant damage to our car. His stomach was in knots and he told me he was afraid to go out of the house last night. He's more worried than usual today about me walking to work.

On a more positive note, I made myself a different capelet to take the place of the half-ripe tomato red one that turned into Rocio's birthday gift. This new one is crocheted, it's light brown, and has a couple of big lady bug buttons on it. :o) I like it better than the red one. It has a big collar that falls over my shoulders to keep them extra warm. It's kind of lacy-looking, but I've been trying it on all through the process of creating it and it's still warm, in spite of being a little lacy. I have one more skein of that yarn, and I'm thinking seriously of making the capelet just a tad bit longer. We'll see. I'm going to wear it to work today, and if I'm cold, I'll extend it a bit. If not, I'll just leave it as it is.

And, yes, I did take a photo of the 2nd chullo of Maggie's hats. It's half done and looks pretty good, I think.

I took another photo of Celeste, and she got the red demon eyes again. I can't figure out how to shut off the flash. She has such beautiful blue eyes; they're intense, but with this frickin flash going off all the time, all you can see is red..


LisaCatherine said...

My dearest friend... I am so sorry you were robbed like this, there is NO reason for it at all, but people don't care who they hurt in this world at times. How scary and personal it is to have someone steal from us !!

I LOVE the new cape you made, the colour is SO YOU !! I didn't want to tell that I thought the tomato one was just too much with your hair colour, but you solved that by yourself. ha ha ha.

CUTE hat, if I was younger I'd wear one like that often !! I'm such an old hippie. Maybe I'll have to hire you to make me a BIG PINK sweater, your so good at this stuff.

Love you and again, I'm sorry for your break in... Remember, what we put OUT into the world, comes back at us in time !! HUGS Lisa Catherine

kathleen said...

Lisa, I wore the cape to work yesterday, and I love it. People laughed when they saw the ladybug buttons, but I was warm. The red one would have been nice, but red is not really my color. If I have found a nice heathered purple or lavender yarn, I would make another one similar, but on smaller needles. I am a purple person at heart. The light brown goes better with my clothing, though.

Regarding the break-in, I know that what goes around, eventually comes around. Maybe with time, the thief will experience all the pain he is causing to other people now. I'm not mad about it anymore, but Omar is still experiencing some stomach knots and feeling bummed out about it. And, people at his work have come to depend on him to do errands for them all over town in his car. Now they are angry because the car isn't available so he can do their running around for them. Big wah. But that's the life of a leech...tough, ain't it.

Laura Barnes said...

I'm sorry to hear about the robbery. How terrible! I'm glad you are o.k.

I agree with Lisa Catherine's comment. What we put out into the world comes back to us in time. Just keep on being the good person you are.

I thought I saw a beautiful picture of Celeste's face on one of your recent blogs. Where did it go?