May 26, 2007

Still a little big, but not quite so smart

Celeste decided she would eat about HALF of her normal ration of food today, just to humor me, I think. I offered her breakfast this morning and she turned up her nose again, but after reviewing the kitchen and understanding that there were no other goodies to be had (not only was there not trash, but the whole trashcan is gone...under the sink), she decided that she COULD eat dog food, but only if there wasn't anything else. For lunch she ate a few mouthfuls, confident that she was going to get part of MY lunch, but unfortunately I am the wrong person to beg from - I don't share my lunch with puppies. Never have, never will. And eggplant isn't exactly a dog's favorite, unless there's only dog food to be had. It turns out that she spent her lunch in her room again, after acting like she thought she was a BIG dog while I was making my lunch. I don't mind a dog being in the kitchen, but I don't enjoy it when they think they can jump up on the counter to see what's happening up there. Skillet meets dog's head and dog meets floor. Very straight forward and simple, BIG dog or not.

I took her to the market with me this afternoon and BIG dog attitude continued. I think that waiting for the tax man for those three days was very bad for Celeste. She had about 3 days worth of wound up energy to unload, and wah, I'm whupped now that we're back. She's having an afternoon nap now and I'm having a little time to myself, sans BIG dog. I think we'll stick to the bike path for now. The market is terrible on the weekends, with the kids out of school and everyone spending their time there. Celeste could hardly think straight with all the people calling her, kids screaming and squealing, all the different odors coming out of the market stalls. Celeste nearly swooned over the shop that sold cheese and baloney.

Or maybe it was just MY attitude that made things hard today.

WOOT!! Pirates of the Caribbean is out in the theaters! I can't wait to see it! But, wah! It's the last one...after that, who knows when we'll see Jack Sparrow again. I might have to go get the DVD.

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LisaCatherine said...

Remember when our children were little and we didn't dare take them shopping if they were a bit too hyper that day ?? Dogs are the same I think, and like children dogs pick up on our energy hon. Glad you got out and were able to walk her again.

Just a short note, Hang in there, HUGS Lisa Catherine