May 10, 2007

Baby Days: Dolly

Dolly is one of the older does. I think she's 5 years old now. Her babies are both white, both girls, and both healthy and happy! No trouble giving birth and this year is a great mom. It seems like from time to time, the mother goats change their minds about whether or not they want to devote time to having kids...but so far this year, there are no bottle babies. There are two more does to give birth, and then that's it for goats: Melanie and Barbie. Melanie is a nubian goat whose job it is to provide milk for bottle babies. So far, the goats are doing fine and don't need any additional milk...we'll see how the alpacas do.

1 comment:

LisaCatherine said...

Dolly had babies !! COOL !!

All the pictures are great, makes me want a goat too... umm, no, never mind, I can't afford to get kicked out of this place LOL

Always glad you share pictures of the farm.

HUGS Lisa Catherine