May 23, 2007

The Bear

There is an older movie out again in DVD. It's called "The Bear". Have you seen it? Made in 1989, it is the story of two bears. A bear cub's mother is killed in a rock slide, and the cub goes on his own at a very young age. Not much dialogue in human form, but an amazing story all the same. I highly recommend it! Celeste has left me here at my computer to go in the living room to watch this movie. She has her spot on the floor, on the doormat, where she has parked herself to listen to the sounds of the birds, the frogs, mountain creeks, and the bears.

Omar hasn't seen it yet. I wonder how he will feel about the vast mountain ranges and, as a complete city boy, the lack of people.

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Rani said...

I think it may have been up for an Academy Award. Tornado sirens going off up here - I don't want to go to the basement because there are monster spiders down there. Hope all is well where you are!