May 24, 2007

Granny Squares and Magic Carpet Rides

I'm back to work on the green sweater with the granny square trim. It's a little tedious. The granny squares are finished, and I have enough to trim the neckline and the cuffs on the sleeves. I am almost finished with the bodice, so only have the sleeves left...but geeez, I hope I have enough yarn to make them. I'm looking at the last couple of skeins and hoping they'll do. I might have to take out the whole thing and make something else, which would gall me some, but I imagine I could deal with it. Maybe I can make some 3/4 sleeves for it, if it looks like the yarn won't be enough for full length sleeves.

Celeste thinks her doormat is a magic carpet. I was sweeping the living room floor yesterday and moved it while she was laying on it. Not only did she get a charge out of the ride, but she leaped on it this morning for another! She rode around the living room on her magic doormat, yodeling and hanging on to the front of it with her teeth. This dog...she's quite a character!

As I read other blogs, I notice the huge differences in the weather in various parts of the United States. Some people are talking about how HOT is it, already on the upper 80's and lower 90's, while others are stil taking photos of frost on the leaves and talking about waiting till June to transplant the roses to avoid a late freeze. I guess while living in the US, I never bothered to pay attention to what was happening in other parts of the country. Now that I'm on the outside, lookiing in, I see things in a different way and pay attention to different things.


LisaCatherine said...

Neil Diamond is rocking me this morning and the chores are done for now. Celeste sounds like she has the flying down well now LOL...

Weather issues, ICK. I took myself, in my wheelchair to the store and got my meds. It's COLD out there. It was a nice ride and I had fun.

Glad to see your posting today !! HUGS Lisa Catherine

Rani said...

You could junk the sweater and turn it into bag - that's what this lady did -

Weather is strange. Hot and humid yesterday, cold and wet today.