May 29, 2007

Look What I Found!

There is an animal rescue place in Lince! adopta un amigo

We live on the border of the two districts of Lince and Jesus Maria, so they aren't too far away. They support the spay/nueter program, they offer pets without paying an adoption fee. They really encourage the adoption of adult dogs. Dogs and cats are their primary focus. I'm feeling better about Lima now. I wish I'd known about the animal shelter before we got Celeste. I'd have taken an adult dog over a puppy in a heartbeat. But...then we wouldn't all be entertained by the antics of the lovely Ms. Blue Eyes.

We are spending the morning together. We went out to buy a couple of papers earlier this morning and to walk on the bike path. And the rest of the morning we have been just resting...she in my lap on the floor or sitting here at the computer with me. Yesterday was especially difficult for her, because I had to go out 3 times before I actually went to work, and she wasn't expecting to spend most of her day alone. Anything unexpected or out of her personal routine is tough for her to deal with. It leads to screaming and diarrhea explosions. I think I will continue to keep my routine of leaving at 3:30 in the afternoon and returning at 6pm, just before dark, so she remains in that routine. It's only a couple of hours for her to be alone, and there are times when I have to deal with life beyond Celeste.


LisaCatherine said...

I forgot how limited my Spanish is, but I was reading some of the bio on the dogs. I love that Samoda. sp... Sounds like a great place to donate money to help them out.

Glad you two got out and did some walking, and your plan for hours to be with her should work, poor thing can't stand when her mommy is gone. you have bonded well with your new child my dear one.

HUGS Lisa Catherine

Kary said...

YAY on finding a local animal shelter - especially wonderful since a S&N program is offered. LOVE that photo of Annie!

Rani said...

This little pattern is actually very good. As long as you know what all the stitches mean. I'll also copy and send the other pattern I have as pdf - after I get back from the grocery store! No food. Am hungry.