May 5, 2007

dead's the story of my life....

Okay, I took photos of everything, but then the batteries went dead and I have a camera full of photos that I can't download. So, I'm going to the market now, to get batteries and get Celeste her latest vaccination, so when I return, I should be able to post some photos.

Unless, of course, the batteries that I buy turn out to be older than I am...that's happened to me before.

Last night, Omar inspected the chullo, to be sure it is a good representation of the kind made by Peruvian knitters. He told me that real chullos have a little puffball on the top, and a gathered closure at the top of the hat, which is where the puffball attaches. He also told me that the next one has to have more than one color of yarn. Yup! I've already got that planned for the next one, and there's a puffball waiting to be attached on the hat I've got just about finished.

I transferred a little money from my savings account and I think I want to order a couple of books to read. One will almost surely be a kntting or crochet book, but the other has absolutely got to be an interesting mystery, or some other juicy novel, hopefully it will have an incredible amount of pages and keep me immersed in fable for a couple of weeks. I've been thinking about Diana Gabaldon's series of books...they are pretty big and have, in the past, kept me in stories for about a week. The problem is that I've read almost every one of them. Wah.

Does anyone else have any good ideas for reading?


LisaCatherine said...

Have you checked online for books to read ?? I found a lot for my dad, but most are older ones, but it's an idea.

I'm sorry your batteries died, John's did too, so we ran to the store last night for those. If you take them out when not in use I THINK they keep longer. I Think !!

I think my astro Phyics "I know Everything at 28 years old" told me that.

waiting to see pictures !! HUGS Lisa Catherine

Rani said...

I've been told that Freakonimics is an awesome book. (don't know if that's the correct spelling) I also liked Kite Runner. And an old, easy read is Watchers, by Dean Koontz. What's your favorite genre?

Can't wait to see more pictures!

Anonymous said...

It's not a mystery, but I really really liked Starhawk's The Fifth Sacred Thing. And it is long. :)