May 6, 2007

Flea-free At Last

Yes, I know...I forgot the batteries. BUT...I DID find a flea cure for Celeste.

We went to the vet's office for her latest vaccine and de-worming dose. The vet first looked at Celeste and commented on how SLIM she is. They like big fat puppies. I have to say that I think the roly-poly babies are cuter, too, but Celeste is a live wire, and even though she is eating 3 - 4 times daily, she is on the go all the time...until she is exhausted and just drops where she stops, and is now growing tall instead of growing out. After Celeste overwhelmed the vet with kisses, she relented and declared Celeste to be in peek condition. So, after the vaccination and de-worming pill, I asked about something for fleas. The vet went looking and found something in a Peruvian brand that comes in a little tube, you apply it directly to the dog's skin (not to the hair) in little drops, and it lasts for 2 months. It costs 23 soles (about 8 dollars), and is so worth it. Celeste is so much more tranquil scratching, no chewing on herself, sleeping MUCH better. Much more pleasant to be around. YEAY! We are rejoicing here! The only problem now is that after her first full night's sleep without fleas, she has so much more energy to be spread around. She took several laps around the apartment and several leaps onto the sofa and down and around again and on the sofa and down and around again, stopping only once to bat her eyes at her reflection and flirt with herself in the THAT 10 or 15 times first thing in the morning and see if you're not exhausted and furious with your puppy for being on the sofa, punching holes in your knitting pattern, and tangling your yarn. Even so, we are rejoicing for the lack of fleas. What else could all that running and leaping be, except JOY?

But I was so pleased with my find that I skipped happily home with Ms. Blue Eyes and forgot all about buying camera batteries.

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Rani said...

Hooray! Joy of joys! Give Celeste a good scratching from her bloggy friend from Minnesota.