May 7, 2007

Animals and potato pudding

I love this free-style dance between a dog and his girl. Beautiful! Enjoy!

There's also this. I haven't seen many moose anyway, but this guy is BIG.

Yesterday, we went to a local field to watch a soccer game. No big name teams, just the local over 40 guys trying to keep up with the younger ones. After the game, we tasted some of the food that was brought in to sell. We didn't get there too early, so there wasn't much left by the time we got hungry...luckily. We tried a pudding that is apparently NOT a local favorite, but they had it there to sell anyway. It's called TOCOSH, and if anyone ever offers you a taste, just say no. Believe me, it's horrible. It's a lesson you don't want to learn on your own. It is made of some kind of dried potato, which sounds a little odd to me anyway, but it has the distinct flavor and smell of buck goat in rut (not that I've ever TASTED buck goat in rut, no no no). If you ever are tempted to try it, stop yourself immediately and go for something else. We all tasted it and gagged. I'm usually pretty adventurous, and Omar will usually eat anything that is put in front of him, if only to keep from offending the cook...but tocosh was too disgusting even for the most non-discriminating palate. Definitely a hold-your-nose-and-run moment. Hard to believe the innocuous potato could be messed up that bad. It's right up there with caldo de cabeza (sheep's head, or whatever head is available, soup) with it's eyeballs & nostrils floating in the broth.


LisaCatherine said...

ROFLMBO !!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh NOoooooooo no no, no soup with a Head in it, Oh NO !! Hell No, sorry but now I think I might vomit. LOL. Oh NO

This is why I have nightmares okay LOL. Lordy my tummy hurts from laughing. LOL LOL Tears even here LOL

Eyes floating in your bowl ?? yeah, I Don't THINK SO !! Please offend the cook !! !!

The Tater pudding sounds almost as bad as the eyes... we do learn the hard way don't we... This is why we have kids, let them try food first LOL LOL. Do you have a neice or someones child to drag with you when food might be involved ?? ROFL.

Love you, really !! LOL HUGS Lisa Catherine, the cook burger and fried potato woman from Wyoming !!

Rani said...

Tee hee hee hee! So funny! You're a great writer!

In Iceland, you can try fermented shark or even the ram's testicles. Neither are any good. And yes, as a matter of fact, they have been known to cook up a sheep head, too.