May 12, 2007


I just came back from a walk with Celeste. She's finally starting to be pleasant to go walking with. Very little crossing in front of me anymore; she's more mindful of where she is in relation to where I am, so I don't end up dodging her or stepping on her toes; less pulling on the leash and less need to be dragged while on the leash, too. Altogether a much more pleasant dog to be with. I offered her a treat this morning and she very gently took it from my grabbing and snapping, no bitten fingers...what's going on here? Is my Ms. Blue Eyes beginning to grow up a little bit?

Now that I've said that, later today she'll probably make a liar out of me and tear up the house.

She pooped on the floor again on Thursday, when Omar had her by himself. I guess she figured that her old softy wouldn't mind, but she found herself on the receiving end of a spanking, and not a gentle one, either. Hmmm...Omar must be maturing a little bit, too, and asserting himself with her. She spent a lot of time trying to butter him up, but he chastized her a little more before softening up enough to let her kiss him goodnight. Whufff...poor Celeste. She has such strict parents.

So, back to today's walk. We went to the pet store to pick up another rawhide chew toy and then took a walk down the bike path. The bike path is beautiful in places and in the most scenic portions, there are benches to sit on. We passed by a young couple who were engaged in a deep conversation - he talking at length, she gazing at him like he hung the moon. They kissed and Celeste chose that moment to bless them both by leaving a little love bundle not far from their feet.

Lordy, I can't think of anything more romantic than to look up breathlessly from a hot, passionate kiss to see a dog pooping a half a step away. Celeste's very cute, but I think she might have ruined their moment.


LisaCatherine said...

Maybe she thinks leaving a gift was a sign of love...

Do they have laws there about pooper scoopers and all that ?? lol

I'm glad she is doing better, I need to work with Samson now that he gets the "Do NOT walk under the wheels" concept. I'd like him to learn to walk beside the chair with me.

He did learn how to jump OUT of the bathtub today lol, so he was locked in the bedroom while we were out, but he didn't chew up Anything !! Most amazing. I guess he lived through jumping out, as he seems just fine and rather proud of himself for getting out.

HUGS Lisa Catherine

JC said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I enjoyed knowing someone else shares a life with dogs too! I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. It has just about been a year that mine has been gone, but feels like only weeks. I wish us both good thoughts for this day. Your pup sounds wonderful and very smart. My Avery is nearly 6 months old now and still much like a small puppy. Sometimes I think I lost my ability to be strick when Shadow died. Now, I find myself just loving them, hoping all will turn out OK in the end, like by some magic they will learn to walk nice on the leash and sit when told too! I will enjoy reading about your life more, thanks for having this blog. Jill

LisaCatherine said...

I just wanted you to know my prayers are with you today and that you are loved very much !!

HUGS my dear friend, Lisa Catherine

Rani said...

Where did those llamas come from? Are they yours?

It sounds like Celeste is growing up! well, except the poopy part, but that's so DOG!!!

LisaCatherine said...

Rani, ask Kathy to tell you about her trip to go Buy one of those lovely Alpaca babies LOL. She can tell you a wonderful story about the Farm in CO and her trip !!

God Bless Lisa Catherine