May 29, 2007

situation resolved, Celeste is eating

The situation at the market in Santa Anita has been resolved. The police did finally enter the market - it is a HUGE area, about 33 hectares (I don't know how big a hectare is), separated from the rest of the city by high walls and the entrance is a large gate. The police entered, prepared to use tear gas, and I saw a film clip of some kind of fumes rising about the market square, but I don't know exactly what it was. They were allowed to pack their things and gather their children, then were ejected from the property. Quite a number of weapons and explosives were found among the vendor stalls and police say that they have evidence that children were hired from the street or families to be a human shield in the past weeks. Most left peacefully, but a few were seen being carried out. There are plans to renovate the market and there are no plans to allow people to move in and LIVE in their space, as they tried to do this time. There were around 10,000 people that were removed from the property.

Celeste has decided that she can indeed eat her own food, but only after she has checked out the space where the trash used to be and looked to see if someone else might possibly have dropped something on the floor. She is unhappy about being restricted to her own food, and if there is a whiff of anything else that might be had, she cannot eat hers until the other is gone. I can't tell if this is intelligence or some kind of nuerotic stuff going on. I have this week off, so I think we will spend a good amount of that time walking and running on the bike path. The market is off-limits to her. She eats too much garbage, papers, candy wrappers, etc. when she's there. I know. I got to see it all on the laundry room floor the other day. Maybe with extended activities, she will appreciate her food a little more and not worry so much about what I'm eating.

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LisaCatherine said...

I am glad to hear the problem at the market was ended. using a child to protect you from harm, what jerks !!

Celeste is where Samson is at, "I'm doing it my way, so piss off you person you"... However he is finding also, that he is WRONG !! Once more and the dog is going in the back hall to think about what he is doing !!

I hope we can visit while your away from work now for a week... you sure got busy fast over there hon.

A long walk or run sounds like a great thing for both of you !! She needs to run off that energy and you need something to relax your mind for awhile.

Love you, HUGS Lisa Catherine