May 11, 2007

a couple more babies...

Just a couple more shots of babies that have arrived recently. This is Daisy. She's one of Rose's babes...Rose is the oldest doe and has begun to have troubles giving birth. Her first kid this year, Daisy, had to be pulled because she was HUGE and all tangled up inside her mama. The second one came out fine, happily. Last year, Rose lost both her babies during the process of pulling them The first was too big and had to be taken out piece at a time, and the second one drowned before it could be pulled. That was a huge loss, but this year, everyone was ready and watching to help Rose when the time came.

The next photo is of Rose and her 2 kids, and Lucy. Lucy is Rose's daughter. So here we have almost the whole family, except for Carmen and her kids.

Whoops! Not goats, but also new additions at the farm!

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LisaCatherine said...

it is amazing to me, how peaceful animals look when feeding their young !! And what a wonderful picture.

Those babies are too cute, I'm glad your sister sends you pictures. How many more will be dropping this summer ?? Oh and I didn't know female goats and sheep had horns !! Intersting !!