Jul 1, 2007

The Bike Path

This is Celeste's playground. The Bike Path. Two "mini-lanes" running along the median between the two lanes of Salaverry Avenue. Every day we go walking, running and playing on this path. although we walk the path daily, we see different things almost daily. From the city workers who keep it swept and tidy, peddlers who push their cart through town, selling their various wares, and students who walk to school, to lovers kissing on the benches, business people walking home from work, and friends out for a stroll in the evening. The area that we live in is predominantly an education district. There are several universities on Salaverry Avenue and San Felipe, both of which pass through our neighborhood. Celeste loves The Bike Path. Hopefully she will learn to run alongside a bicycle and really be able to stretch her legs. For now, she has to be content with trotting along with me, but as she gets better at behaving on the leash, I think going with the bike will be a possibility, and a good alternative for me. She's not wearing me out yet, but I know she will be as she gets bigger.


Rani said...

Fun picture and great description! It's so fun to see where other people live and get little glimpes of their lives.

JC said...

I hope Celeste does learn to run along side a bike, that would be great for her as she has so much energy. My husband tried that with Traz, but he never liked it. Nixie is more of a couch potato, ha ha. She has allergies, to grass and trees, thats why she lost hair on her ears. She itches a lot. We have tried a lot of things, but nothing much helps. Today Avery and I met up with 3 other dogs on the river trail, I kept walking and called him, to my delite, he came with me instead of going with them! I was happy. Have a great day Kathleen and Celeste! Jill