Jul 15, 2007

so many patterns to choose from.

Every time I look at free patterns, I feel like a kid in a candy store...so many pretty ones, and what to choose, what to choose...?

I like the simplicity of this sweater. I think I might add this to my list of planned projects. The colors are really what caught my eye. I like the variety of colors that is used, and I like the slouchy look of it.

And then there's this.

But socks! I need to get started on a pair of socks! Socks are my next challenge. I see so many sock knit alongs, socket pal swaps, and of course the Hogwarts sock swap...I'd like to participate, but I think I need to get a handle on those dpns first.

And there's my circular project that I started last night. I've been working on it for only a couple of hours and I've ripped it out twice already. I hope the yarn holds up!

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