Jul 16, 2007

Projects and a little movie magic

I've re-started my circular sweater/shrug. I'm crocheting it medium fawn alpaca blend yarn. I figure I've been procrastinating long enough. It's time to get moving on building my stock of hand knits to take to the craft shows this fall. So far, the poor little thing is only about 10 inches in diameter, but it'll grow quickly!

Celeste has been dancing through the house lately, and down the bike path, being a good girl most of the time. She is such a happy girl, joyful at seeing the world and happy every morning. She is a lot like my Sunny, who is now on the farm with my sister and her girls. He's very happy there, having the run of the place; lots of space to run and play, lots of trees to take a siesta under, lots of places to explore, and lots of comings and goings of people. Sunny is a naturally happy boy, and that is what makes him such an attractive dog. People are drawn to look Celeste, too, but I think it's more because of her strikingly blue eyes. She's happy, but her cup of happiness runs over when she meets someone and she tries too hard to jump all over them. She doesn't understand how big she is getting to be and she doesn't understand why they only want to look at her and not be completely LOVED by her.

Last night, Omar and I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Before the movie, we ate out at a polleria, and shared a quarter of a chicken, french fries, a salad, and a piece of cake...and the tail end of the Americas Cup soccer tournament. Brazil won - poor Argentina lost the cup, as they did the last time it was played, but still, what an accomplishment to be in the final game of the tournament!

The movie had everything! Funny, suspenseful, active, and full of the usual Hogwarts magic. We both enjoyed it. I guess I wasn't ready to see cute little Harry so grown up at first, but hey, kids grow. Still, by the time it was over, the age of the characters seemed completely appropriate for the movie content. Wouldn't we all like to have a magic wand and a flying broomstick sometimes? :o) There were times when I couldn't have felt more tense - I think I tend to immerse myself in the story a bit when I go to the movies, heh - but there were times when I was completely enchanted. One character that I hadn't seen before was Luna. She was wonderful - so innocent and so wise. Nothing malevolent about her and able to handle things with patience and sweetness that never left her. What a wonderful evening we had!

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Crystal Jigsaw said...

Amy wants to see Harry Potter but I think it might be a bit old for her,she's 7?

Crystal xx