Jul 31, 2007

Holiday weekend

This has been a long weekend for us. The 28th was Peru's Independence Day, and we had Friday through Monday off from work. We slept late, played with the dog, went to see "Transformers" at the movies, and had lunch with friends. There was time to catch a cold and get over it, and watch a lot of television, run around town, go to a dance, and watch the Independence Day parade. All in all it was a great holiday.

Yesterday, we went to lunch with Flover and Rosita and their kids. We went to a cevicheria in Rimac that is located on the top floor of an apartment building. We climbed three flight of narrow stairs, following the arrows on the walls and the music that we heard. It was called, La Olla Arequipeña, or The Arequipan Cookpot. I had ocopa (sliced boiled potatoes smothered in a creamy sauce)and O. had a shrimp ceviche and a baked pepper stuffed with meat and cheese. Flover and Rosa had cabrito (goat) with potatoes and rice, duck with rice, beans, and potatoes, and so did their kids. Two guys sang and played the guitar and the cajòn through the whole meal. It was fun. We drank chicha de jora, which is a drink that is made from sweet corn, and smells like silage. It's sweet and non-alcoholic, and when my mom tasted it, she liked it, but said it reminded her of the old farmers that used to hide their corn squeezin's out in the barn...and THAT was alcoholic.

I finished a sleeve on the Spring Colors sweater and started the other. I also finished both sleeves of the garnet sweater and got started on one of the front pieces. And I'm browsing patterns to get inspiration for my next project. I've got some pretty hand-dyed alpaca yarn that I got for Christmas, that has been sitting on the shelf, and I think it's time I decided what I'm going to make with it. I think that will be included in my next project. I'm thinking about a beaded capelet or a sweater with a knit bodice and crocheted sleeves and trim. Maybe with beads, too.

Classes start on Friday. I already know that I am assigned a conversational course. What else I may get, I don't know. I guess that's part of the fun - the mystery and suspense of waiting. Kind of like opening a Christmas gift. We never know until the class is ready to start just what we will get. For me, it's a strange way to do business, but it all depends upon how many students sign up for each class.


toady said...

That meal sounds lovely. How about telling us a bit about how you come to live in Peru? Unless of course it's a secret. Toady

wildtomato said...

I would love to go to a cevicheria! They is a Peruvian restaurant in San Francisco, Fresca, that serves a multitude of ceviches. Even though I love the food at Fresca, I bet it wouldn't hold a candle to your meal yesterday!

wildtomato said...

0.5" of Celeste fuss is probably too short for spinning. Mingus' fuzz is about 1.5", just about right. You have access to all that wonderful alpaca fiber, though! I was gifted 3 lbs of chocolate alpaca fiber, and it is so easy to spin in comparison to my dog's fur!

ChrisH said...

Oh, I've just found your blog. What fun! And lovely knitting.