Jul 19, 2007

Mid term exams; a long weekend approaches

Tuesday and Wednesday were the days that we administered mid-term exams at the Center of Languages. I am happy to report that nearly all of my students passed their mid-terms with flying colors. Yeay! I thought I had one failure, but I miscounted his score, and everyone passed!

I teach two English classes this month - one is a daily class and the other is only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It always surprises me that my Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes have better scores on the average than the daily classes do. To be sure, there were students in my daily class that earned outstanding scores, but in the 3 times a week class, I cover a lot more material per day. I thought that it would be more difficult for those students to keep up and do well on the exams. But I'm very glad that they are doing well.

I'm so pleased with all of them! Things like this make me glad I'm teaching. I got evaluated today, and I have no idea how the report will turn out. The students knew and were very helpful and did their best to participate, but the young men went a little overboard, and began to mock those who made mistakes. I had a word with them and they stopped, and then the evaluator asked me to have them visit the academic director after class. I wasn't allowed to stay in the room, so I have no idea how that went. I want students to enjoy the class and I think they actually do learn more when they enjoy it, but not at someone else's expense.

Classes will end this month on the 26th. The 27th through the 30th are holidays for Peru's Independence celebration. Then we'll start up again in the first few days of August. Wow, August. I can't believe how quickly the year is passing!

We haven't decided what we are going to do on the long weekend coming up. Hopefully we will get out of town and into the mountains. The last time we went out of town, we went to Canta, and it rained most of the afternoon. It was a beautiful place, though!


Preseli Mags said...

Hi Kathleen, I'm so glad you are joining the Purplecooers! It is fascinating to read about your life and I loved seeing your gorgeous pictures of Sunny. Bassets have such wonderfully expressive faces. Kind wishes, xxxPM

Anonymous said...

I only volunteer in school for a few hours a week, it's all I can spare at the moment but I find it so rewarding. I take the children swimming one afternoon and have helped a couple gain enough confidence to move forward into the next group. I think being a teacher is possibly one of the most rewarding posts ever.

Crystal xx