Jul 14, 2007

A glowing day :o)

Yesterday was great! I had a good class - my students all seemed to be right on with the grammar lesson we were working on. I was asked to substitute for another teacher; I also got an inquiry from a different institute, asking if I would bring my resume by, AND an inquiry about additional students to teach outside of this institute. Interesting possibilities! It was raining and chilly all day, but with new prospects popping up, I'm feeling pretty happy. :o)

I also finished the rose colored shrug...I decided on a crocheted edging and antique silver-colored bottons, and that turned out very nicely. I think the whole effect is pretty! I plan to wear it with my navy blue skirt that has white and rose-colored flowers printed on it. Finally, a nice, warm sweater to wear with that skirt! I love it, but have very little that goes with it. Maybe I can work up something else for it, too. So, I plan to start on a circular crocheted garment next. I made one last year in a star pattern, and it sold at the Windsor craft show right away! So, off I go, to think and dream about my next project.

To top it all off, I got a birthday card in the mail from a lady from an artistic group that I belong to. That really made my day! So what might have been just another day turned out to have a beautiful glow to it!

P.S. - the only down side to the day was that my camera batteries conked out again, and I can't find the other set. I'll have to search or go to pick up another set of batteries.

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