Jul 27, 2007

Ginger Beer

I've been wanting to try this for a little while. I've tasted the bottled ginger beer from the liquor store, but I didn`t like it. This may be better; at least I'll be able to change the recipe to suit me. I lack the cardomom pods, but it says they're optional anyway:

Ginger Beer

4-6 servings

Juice from 4 limes
2 3-inch pieces of ginger, coarsely grated
1/2 cup sugar
4 whole cloves
4 cardamom pods (optional)
1 cup orange juice

1. In a large saucepan, combine the limes, ginger, sugar, cloves, cardamom, and orange juice with 4 cups of water ingredients and bring to a boil.

2. Remove the pan from the heat and let cool. Transfer to the refrigerator and let sit for at least 2 hours. Strain and chill thoroughly before serving.


Kat said...

This looks delicious! Really, anything with cardamom in it does. My mother-in-law recently went to India and brought a whole bag of freshly dried cardamom pods back with her. Nothing in my area can even compare!

wildtomato said...

Oops, I think I left a comment, but perhaps I can't see it because of the moderation. Well, if not, I just wanted to say that I love your dogs and your alpacas!

This recipe for ginger beer will pair wonderfully with Indian food. I'll have to give it a whirl. Thanks for the inspiration!

JC said...

That does sound yummy, something I might even be able to do! I hope celeste is behaving today, or at least making you laugh! I had a good laugh with the dogs in the mountains today, always a joy to have them run free. Traz is feeling so much better, not sure why, but I'll take what I can get. Have a great tomorrow.