Jul 6, 2007

The crate and the shrug

Celeste's crate arrived last night. We had to put it together, but it's spacious and strong, and we can be sure that she's secure and safe while we're out of the apartment. My laundry room is back to being a laundry room again, and I'm going to spend the weekend cleaning it up. I can't say that Celeste is particularly happy about spending time in her crate for now, but I'm relieved. She immediately understood that it was her bed and not to be soiled, although I did put newspapers down, just in case she had an accident last night. The crate is large enough that she can stretch out in it if she wants, she can stand up and turn around, but it isn't so big that she can jump around or get rowdy in it. She'll be spending this weekend getting used to it, and having a few hours a day in it. The real test will be on Monday, when we both will be gone from about 3:30 till 10:30 pm. That's a long time for a young dog to be alone, but we do have to make a living. I believe she'll do fine, but when she gets irritated, she usually throws a poop tantrum. She seems to know that if she throws that kind of a fit, she's stuck with it close up, until I get home. I kind of expected one of those tantrums last night, when we moved her out of her laundry basket and into the crate. But it didn't happen. I'm glad!

I have finished the back and the right front side of the shrug that I'm doing in dusty rose colored yarn. As usual, I deviated from the pattern somewhat and am making it a little bit longer than the original one is. Pictures tomorrow, when I have the second front side finished, hopefully without ripping it out more than the one time I have already. I'm considering a crocheted edging, but haven't quite decided yet. I think I'll need to do some experimenting before I know for sure.


Rani said...

A crated dog is a happy dog. (have you ever read Marley and Me - that would be an exception).

kathleen said...

I haven't read Marley and Me, but I'm assuming that Marley didn't have a good crate experience. I think I need to stress that Celeste is not going to be shut up in her crate and forgotten, but she can't be left to roam around the house when we are at work. I agree that a dog who has a crate is a much happier dog. It satisfies the "den" instinct, and keeps her out of trouble. She gets to go outside to play (and poop) much more often than before and the house smells 100 percent better. There are some dogs who don't adapt to crates, but those that do are fine.