Jul 15, 2007

A Parting of Ways

I normally try to keep the content of my blog light, but I feel the need to post something that has been bothering me for a little while.

Yesterday, the decision was made to part ways with someone that had been in my life for a few years. Our conversations had broken down to the point where there was non-communication and this had been happening for about a month. But it is over, at least for me, and it is a relief. Sadly, it is quite a relief, but now with the decision made, things will be better. Things just didn't work out very well with us. That's life, and life does go on, so I think I'll go on, too.


JC said...

sometimes making the decision is hard, but once it's made, you know it was the right one. It sounds like you did the right thing. Like you said, move on, always the best for all involved. I love the new picture of celeste, she such a cutie. I passed a field of alpaca today on our drive, made me think of you. Hope all is good in your world today. Jill

kathleen said...

I think it's unfortunate that it happens, but I guess that's the way life is.