Jun 5, 2007

projects and photos

I have finished the second hat for Maggie. Unfortunately, the lighting in my apartment is so bad right now that things look yellow. The light bulbs are yellow light. You may have noticed that I have removed the hat and the green pullover from the "on the needles" list, and they are finished. So here is a photo of the hat. I like this one better than the first one; I knew it would go this way...as I do a pattern, I get more confident and more adventurous and enjoy it more. What do you think of this second hat? The third one is in the planning stage, and I hope to start it shortly, once I get it in my mind about the fair isle pattern.

And some more photos of the main character in my life right now. Looking at these calm little faces inthe pictures, I could never guess that she is a perfect little HELLION. She looks so sweet and serene. I tried to adjust the lighting effects to make things more clear without a flash, and I avoided the red eye, but got dark pictures. Then I played with the photo editor and tried to lighten it up, but it turned out washed out looking. Pooh. There are some others here that I used a flash with, and get a red eye, but the over all photo is better. You can see how black she is becoming, where she used to only be gray.


Tara said...

Oooh, that hat is adorable!

LisaCatherine said...

LOVE the hat, very cool !! Great job !!

LOVE LOVE that dog !! She is so sweet, so cute, so... shoe, sock, chair, anything I can find chewing monster ROFL !! !! Nice pictures of her !!

Always nice to see you blogging too, Love ya, HUGS Lisa Catherine

Beth said...

I'll fix her eyes in a photo for you - email me the biggest file you have in what would be the best photo of her - don't worry about the eyeshine - concentrate on getting the rest of her right and I'll email it back with out redeye. I do this all the time with Elvis & Pearl's photos.