Jun 16, 2007

Adios Ms. Violet.

I have finished my gray poncho. I love it! It's not heavy enough to be an outside garment in winter, but it's good for inside the house, and ooooooo, it's pretty. I beaded the lower edge and the neckline with glass e-beads of various colors, and added a longish fringe to it. Ooo la la! I love it! I have a pair of pretty black corduroy pants and a nice blue/multi-colored top to wear with it...WHERE I will wear it, I don't know. But I'm still really pleased with it! I'll post pictures when the sun comes out, I hope later today.

Today I need to go talk to the vet about Celeste. It's getting close to time to get her spayed, and we need to pre-arrange that...Omar struggled with that...he adores Celeste and thought he wanted her to have puppies (I SCREAMED at that!), but more little Celestes running around the apartment would be more than either of us could possibly keep up with. All that sled dog energy bouncing off the walls and pooping was just too big of a thought for me. So, the decision was made the other night and now it's up to me to implement it.

Celeste has been searching the apartment for Ms. Violet all week. Ms. V took her leave on Sunday night, when the smell of her make me gag. We had been finding little bits of V. stuffing throughout the house, all smelling distinctly of something really NASTY. Ms. Violet herself was in a bad way. Stuffing, squeaker, and most of her fuzz gone, she was little more than a well-loved rag and smelling stronger than a freshly mashed head of garlic. I gagged along until I found her tucked underneath the desk, and put her into the trash. Celeste followed the scent and took her out again, ripping out the remainder of stuffing left in one leg. I didn't realize that V. had been resurrected, until that familiar stench found it's way into my nose once again. There she was, under the desk once more, as fragrant as ever and a little more ragged than before. This time I left her in place until the trash was ready to be taken out for the night. Celeste never knew.

We bid Ms. Violet Fuzbutt a fond farewell. She was a faithful, although often too fragrant, friend to Celeste. May she rest in peace. (Cut to the street, where a bottle recycler is digging through the trash...pulling out an odorous Ms V. and gagging) For now we will have to be satisfied with rawhide chewtoys. Not so nice to sleep with, but at least they don't stay around long enough to get a really good stink going on.

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