Jun 26, 2007

A Life Worth Singing About

I have just read a recent post on Honestly Speaking about what she is grateful for. I also have a lot to be grateful for. I'm so grateful that I am able to speak my mind and, well, just speak - freely, truthfully, frankly. I am with the rest of South America, observing Venezuela in the loss of a television station that included programming the was critical of the current Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. It seems like freedom of expression is on the way out in Venezuela.

I'm grateful that I have my husband, Omar. He loves me, and I love him passionately. We support one another in everything we do. He's gentle, tactful, funny, and talented. He's musical and rhythmic, singing and dancing with a beautiful Latino style. I'm grateful that I can sing and dance with him!

I'm grateful for the family that I have. I love them all, unconditionally. I have a beautiful, hot-tempered daughter, who I hope learns to manage her temper soon. I have sisters. They are also hot-tempered at times, but they are mine. I have a wonderful father who is compassionate and gentle, and just experiencing a complete independence and is beginning to re-create his life after the death of my mother. And I am grateful for having had a tremendous mother. She passed away last year, and I do miss her. She taught all of us so much, right up to the time that she died.

I have my health. I have a healthy body that seems to get me around quite well. I am able to walk to work and dance in the evenings, and get from place to place without pain or upset. Happily, I don't smoke, so I have quite a good set of pipes on me that enable me to project my voice throughout the classroom, to my students, and to sing with. So far, I haven't suffered from any recurring illness and hopefully, that will be the case for some years to come!

I have been thinking about all that I have in my life, and although I'm not rich by any monetary means, I am rich in spirit. I have been given health, love, family, and LIFE. And it's a life worth singing about!


JC said...

I love this post..! So well put. I like thinking about what I'm grateful for every day too, it keeps me grounded. I am exhausted with my life right now, between 10 hour work days and the three dogs, I have little time left, but still I feel so grateful to have this life I have. Traz's legs are better. I still dont know if its old age or something else, the med the vet gave me is helping, but is expensive! Avery doesnt listen to me at all, ha ha ha! but he is such a love! we are working at it more in our afternoon walks now, so there might be hope for him. Nixie is sweet and itchy like always. I hope this finds you well and Celeste behaving! All the best to you until next time. Jill

Greenwoman said...

Gee Kathleen, I'm really happy that you decided to join in the Gratitude Tuesday meme. I'm quite sure that Ceeci would adore having you add your site to her list for this week. You'll find the link at my site...and its incredibly sweet of you to include a link to HS here. Blessings to you.

I enjoy my reading here...and I'll just bet that if you haven't already, you'll discover a comrade with some common interests in Ceeci. *smiles*