Jun 18, 2007


Oh, this weekend was hard. I've had kind of a tough week anyway, but on Sunday, I couldn't get through to my dad to tell him Happy Father's Day, and then when I did, he was out. Then I started to leave him a Happy Father's Day message on theh phone, but ended up almost bawling anyway, so I just stopped. I tried again this morning, but he wasn't home. Okay, though. Life goes on. Things happen. I'm a big girl and I can deal with things like this.

Omar had a quiet Father's Day. We went to eat at a really nice place, and then to see Shrek III at the movies, where we both promptly fell asleep. Hmmm. Maybe the Pirates of the Caribbean would have been a better choice. Maybe we shouldn't have eaten so much! Maybe we should have gone to bed earlier the night before! There's a thought. Double hmmm.

I'm kind of stalled on knitting and crochet projects. I haven't gotten inspried by looking at the yarn nor by looking at the books. I might just take a little break from knitting and see what comes of it. The poncho needs to be worn. The sweater needs to be finished. Maggie's hats need to be completed. So maybe I won't take a complete break, but just not try to start any new and interesting things for the time being.


LisaCatherine said...

just think PINK and a wonderful HUGE poncho, which would be worn to death, could be made in no time at all... he he he, just thought I'd share !!

I started to knit again, it's been YEARS on end but I'm trying and I'm still looking for someone to show me how to do that other thing you tried to teach me, but I'm .... *thinking of a nice word*... yeah okay, whatever, I'm Really slow at learning at times I guess LOL.

don't ask what I'm making, I'd have to lie, or tell the truth and this is an open forum and I ain't saying !!

Rani said...

A knitting funk! Me too! Blech. Ho Hum. Are the movies in English?